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San Juan del Sur is not a surfer's beach, doesn't take long to figure the bigger curls are north.In the north,Popoyo is famous for the longest and best rides.South of Popoyo, north of Rancho Santana is great beach and a locals favorite. The rips go right to left and about 4-8 feet tall. You'll see about 20-35 youngsters from the town of Limon, out on the ridge.
Playa Ramanso, south of San Juan Del Sur is a training beach, they tell me.Maderas is the best in the area, in most opinion's and it is close.Good for all levels and board rentals are available, cheaper than Costa Rico. Maderas has accommodation's. for all budgets.

Read sent in comments from readers,about to find the best of breaks and where the locals hang and please dont snake anyones wave.

 "We went straight to Popoyo, Nicuraguas most famous wave. We had a crazy bus trip there, the bus got a flat tire and took forever. the country is really remote. the roads are extremely bad. We were going over roads where you need a 4 wheel drive to get through and we were in a chicken bus, it was up on 3 wheels half the time. Popoyo is amazing. Its an A frame reef break, i know ive said this a few times but its exactly like surfing indo waves. it was unbelievable. Ive been surfing about 8 hours a day for the last week. Im surfing better than ever, Ive changed my style and am surfing a lot more top to bottom rather than just racing it and doing cutties. I am loving surfing more than ever. We had it so good. About 6 - 8 foot and perfect."  Matty J Australia 

Maderas is close by, good surf and  even better scuba. Local hangout, great deals on food, dorms stlye hammocks and  cheaper rooms than SJdS. You can hike, hitch or take a water taxi for $ 3 bucks.

Maderas beach


The other day we had the best sunset I have ever seen, in real life, in a magazine or on tv. The sky was on fire, the water was red, and behind the land there was a huge purple storm and a massive full rainbow. You could not tell where earth finished and heaven began.