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To the editor,
Hey, thanks for the preview of the new SI swimsuit issue. I know the local girl in the issue, she is shy but loves the press. And I love the shots of skimpy clad beauties, keep it up with more slideshows.

Dear Bobbie,
My wife and I came down here to San Juan del Sur to retire. We have met some nice people and made many friends. However we do miss the USA and some of the radio shows we grew up on and well these were our roots, our memories and our standards. Thanks for playing the Old Time Radio shows, my wife really loves the comedies. This is stuff we have forgotten about in our youth and glad to find the "good listening" in SJdS. Bobbie, could you play more mysteries?
Thanks, Richard&Carol

Editor of sjdsNOW,
Dear sir,
When we first looked for information about San Juan del Sur, there was this black hole in the internet. Little was to be found about this hidden paradise called SJdS. However, after finding your e-magazine and reading your interesting articles, well thank you. In Iowa, we don't surf, don't care to read about surf reports or the weather to do so. But we do need to learn about the town and the ex-pats living there in SJdS. Your articles have helped and we also enjoy the camera tips. I am learning a lot from your computer section, enough so that I don't sound like an idiot to my son who has grown up with computers. Great stuff! Enjoy the low advertisement in "your face approach".
From the Garther Family,
Jerry and Amelila

Love the oldies you play, thanks.
Mica Peterson

EDITOR of sjdsNOW,
Would you consider expanding your wants adds to include more services offered? Living in this area for two years now and i need to find a cheaper computer repairman. The locals are not current and really don't understand me when i explain the "lockups" and other problems. There must be another computer solution other than the local guy who charges stateside prices.